Yoga Retreats You Can Actually Afford In 2018

A vacation is the best, a yoga retreat is surprisingly better. A yoga retreat is an ideal way of holidaying while keeping healthy and calm. It helps you to explore and discover the inner-self. It deeply relaxes, rejuvenates, and renders a blissful experience. But Sometimes we keep ourselves deprived of experiencing the amazing journey to the ‘self’. But not this year, here are some wonderful yoga retreats you can actually afford in 2018.

So be ready to experience a soulful escape with these amazing and affordable yoga getaways:


Spiritual and Healing Yoga Retreat

Spirituality and healing yoga retreat touches the spiritual side of a person. The retreat is about self-healing, embracing the spirituality in you and working on the overall well being. Healing and spiritual yoga retreat in India, are some of the most recommended choices, as India is the land of yoga and a spiritual hub, which makes the place an ideal choice, plus it is affordable too.


Yoga and Meditation Retreat

A yoga and meditation retreat is directed towards the physical, mental and spiritual healing. It offers a deep exploration of yoga and meditation techniques and practice, which take you to the journey of self. A yoga getaway at dreamy beaches or around breathtaking mountains is enough to distress and self-heal. You can choose from places like India, Thailand, Indonesia or Nepal for a budgeted and amazing yoga and meditation retreat.


Mindfulness Retreat


Mindful retreats open the heart and help foster a powerful intimate connection with the self. Meditation plays a major role in this retreat and gives an immersive experience. It resets and rejuvenates the body and mind, deepens your practice, and helps people unplug from the external world and connects with the divine within.


Adventure Yoga Retreat

A yoga getaway with a lot of adventure and self-healing is something a number of travel lovers ask for. This retreat is a combination of yoga practice and a lot of adventure activities like climbing, surfing, running, etc. It is affordable too as it fulfills all the requirements in one go. You can go to Bali or Himalayas or Spain to have a great adventure yoga retreat.

Silent Yoga Retreat

As the name says it all, a silent yoga retreat is a very intimating affair that helps you to move all the energy in one direction- a direction of channeling the inner-self. It helps you align internally and makes you more comfortable with yourself. You can avail an affordable silent retreat course in Costa Rica or India.

Intensive Yoga Retreat

Intensive yoga retreat programs fully emphasize the structured yoga practice to help you deepen the practice and intensify your learning. An affordable intensive yoga retreat can be found in places like Nepal, India, Mexico, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

Location- Booking your 2018 yoga vacation, make these retreat even more affordable by choosing places like Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Carolina, Mexico, Maine, Colorado, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Bahamas, and Thailand. These places are affordable, filled with nature’s serenity and give you a wonderful experience.

Yoga retreat balances your life and keeps you healthy. It offers an accumulation of yoga practice, meditation, clean eating, spa and relaxing therapies, and other adventure and yoga activities, to cleanse the mind and body. A rejuvenating retreat is all we want for a healthy body, calm mind, and peaceful soul.

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