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What Is Our Niche?

Yoga Retreat In Kerala is a thoughtful curation of the innumerable treasures the province of Kerala, India is home to, in terms of yoga, wellness, alternative healing, green living, lifestyle, nutrition, and happiness. Hatha and Ashtanga Training with traditional masters, learning in the lineage of the ashtavaidya of Kerala School of Ayurveda, Kalaripayattu, the swashbuckling ancient martial art, and Kathakali, the classical Indian dance form—Kerala is an epitome of India’s rich religion-spiritual culture running deep. Our explorative coverage reveals the province which is ‘God’s  Own Land’ in all glory.

Writing Guidelines

Tone: Fun and light with a catchy optimism. Informal touches are welcome as long as it remains comprehensible. A spiritual undertone should add more value on topics of yoga-meditation and holistic health, but stay clear of dogmatic statements.

Word Limit: Succinct articulation and a way of expressing more with the less is the way our readers like it. Keep the word limit to 500-800 words.

Our Readers: Our readers connect with holistic health awareness, cultural travel, and India’s inherent spirituality. Lead them to expand the horizons of thought on the same lines.

Sources: Your sources need to be shared with our readers. Cite resource for information and images. Also, name the original authors of quoted, translated, or subjectively interpreted intellectual material.

Images: Pictures speak a thousand words and can actually make your narrations better. Illustrate your submissions when possible. You can give us links to images in Shutterstock or other free image sources. Otherwise, we will add an illustration to your literary content.

SEO Restricted: Keyword-stuffed sales intended articles interfere with our vision, therefore, sent straight to junk.

We Would Love To Publish

  • Fresh and clean content, proofread for spelling, grammar, typo, and good readability
  • Interviews, photo/video blogs, travel articles, listicles, DIY guides, opinion, experience stories
  • Motivation, humor, adages, spiritual wisdom, quirky takes
  • Recipes, instructions, description
  • Argumentation, activism, awareness
  • News, current concerns, viral media

Not Our Thing

  • Articles already published on other websites or media
  • Recycled/rehashed content, copyright infringed on another’s intellectual property
  • Personal blog-style write-ups with overemphasized subjectivity that’s hard to relate to
  • Sales pitches, self-marketing, direct call-for-action, biased reviews of business/products
  • Search engine Optimization strategy utilized content

Benefit for Authors

We are anything but a marketing platform but that doesn’t mean we have no support for authors or enterprises who share our enthusiasm for a cleaner, healthier, more harmonized world and the context of Kerala in this worldview.

We would love to feature you in our ‘contributing authors’ panel and allow One-Way Link to your blog, website, and social media profile from the ‘Author Bio’ section coming at the end of each published article.