Top 5 Places to Visit in Kerala in Monsoon

Kerala in Monsoon

Monsoon hits Kerala twice a year and covers its landscape with the hard-to-believe sites. Here, during this season the chances of seeing true natural wonders become manifold as in monsoon, these places take a dramatic shape! Whether it is the hills, riverbanks, or the forests – everything looks like a painting by the divine Himself! If you are in the mood to enjoy something special, then planning to visit Kerala in Monsoon can definitely fill your camera with lots of memories.

Plan your trip to these places in Kerala in Monsoon:


Wayanad: Rated among the top places to visit in Kerala, Wayanad turns paradise when it rains. The attractive sight of the waterfalls of Soochippara can make your day, once you try to get closer. Besides, there are plenty of tea gardens and spice plantations all over that fill with lush greenery and look quite stunning.



Thekkady: Well known for its Tiger Reserve, this place becomes absolutely scenic in monsoon. Just make sure to take a boat ride and you will be amazed to see a wide range of tropical greenery of bamboo and deciduous forests. Periyar National Park also boasts of more than 2000 plant species and rare flowers, some of which gets a full bloom only during monsoon.




Malappuram: Malappuram offers you a wide range of visual delights because of its nature as well as man-made attractions. However, its backwater spots are something not to be missed. You can choose to take a boat ride for an experience that is hard to get anywhere else. Besides, this Kerala destination is also filled with numerous small hills, valleys from where you can get a panoramic view of the place. In free time, you can take a walking tour to any of its religious places or its art centers to experience the peaceful city life of Malappuram.




Varkala: The trip to Kerala would be incomplete without paying a visit to the beach town of Varkala. Particularly during the monsoons, its natural springs and beaches start looking splendid. Nestled in the outer corner of Thiruvananthapuram, this place quietly awaits monsoon every year to spell the magic. To experience it closely, practice yoga and meditation on its beautiful beaches and be sure to fill your soul with bliss.



Kumarakom: True to its name – ‘Paradises on Earth’, Kumarakom is a dream destination for the nature lovers. The place gets filled with vibrant colors once the rainy season arrives here and creates an ambiance of illusion everywhere. Even when you are not exploring this town, you can see a wide range of bird species right from the terrace of your hotel room. Do remember to enjoy a relaxing spa session in Kumarakom, as Kerala weather during monsoon is considered perfect for Vedic spa therapies.



One of the best things about Kerala tourism is their dedication to the visitors. Even during monsoon, when weather conditions remain adverse, the officials take great pain in assuring its guests a completely satisfying stay.

So, do not let the rain spoil your desire and pack your bags this weekend to enjoy a memorable trip to Kerala.

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