Three Do and Don’ts When On a Yoga Retreat in Kerala

We live in a time and age where our lives are stressful and competition is sickening. Several working professionals and other individuals yearn for a long vacation to relax, revive, and start a fresh life. Planning a yoga vacation in Kerala amidst the natural environs and shimmering backwaters is certainly on the itinerary of many who are looking to rejuvenate, heal, and feel stress-free.

Yoga holidays in Kerala offer the opportunity to unwind and correct the imbalances of the body and spirit in the most comprehensive manner. And to ensure the best experiences, follow these do’s and don’ts during your Yoga Vacation in Kerala:


  1. Become one with Nature: A yoga retreat Kerala is the perfect chance to live in the realms of nature and to admire the splendid creations of the universe. Detox from the technology and concentrate purely on the pristine surrounding around you. Relocate your inner light and discover your purest self.
  2. Connect with Kindred Souls: Yoga vacations are equally about forming everlasting bonds of kinship and learning the wisdom of yoga, true happiness, and liberation. Find your community, practice together, relish the healthy food, engage in spiritual interaction with the other participants to gaze the dimensions of life. Grow to love life and its creations.
  3. Indulge in Daily Yoga Practices: Yoga and meditation practice in the heart of nature is the essence of yoga holidays in Kerala.  Enthusiastically take up the yoga classes, follow the given schedule. Initially, you might feel a bit locked. But by the end of the second day, you shall feel revived, inspired, and internally at peace.


  1. Disregarding the Retreat Schedule: Almost all the retreat packages are structured around a definitive schedule that includes the primary activities of the day. The timetable indicates specific timings of yoga and meditation practices, meals, teaching classes, excursions, etc. Many people perceive yoga retreats to be a usual vacation in the lap of nature and do not pay enough attention to the schedule. However, following the schedule is a way to empower the Self back on the journey of health and wellbeing.
  2. Divulging from the Diet Plan: Yoga vacations are about relaxing, forming good habits and enhancing health. Among the many focal points of retreat, food is one of them. Many entities indulge in constant eating-out, consuming junk food as they treat it like any other normal vacation. But, being on a yoga vacation implies savoring healthy food. Eating right is an essential part of yogic living. Sattvic food complements the yogic practices and is necessary for the manifestation of an ideal body, mind, and soul.
  3. Steering Away from Self-Reflection: The reasons for taking yoga retreat varies from a person to person. Some take it to set themselves free from the monotonous life and some to enhance their yogic wisdom. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to spend time in self-reflection which is often overlooked by many. When we use yoga practices for self-reflection, it becomes a means to observe oneself deeply, to willingly change our habitual behavior and unhealthy tendencies, and to tap into our nature of essential being.

So, follow these do and don’ts in yoga retreat and gift yourself the quiet time needed, to connect with the deeper self, and to start a new improved life. Adhering to the above is surely going to enhance your retreat experience.

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