Top 5 Famous Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala

Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala

Rejuvenate and revive in Kerala, the green Indian state on the tropical Malabar Coast. Kerala is the birth land of Ayurveda, is popular for its palm-fringed clear water beaches, mesmerizing flora and fauna, scenic views, and tea, coffee and spice plantation. Kerala is one wealthy and diverse Indian state and is widely known for its Yoga and Ayurveda programs. There are a lot of renowned yoga schools and Ayurveda resorts in Kerala that offer the most divine yoga and meditation retreats. 5 Best Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala   Kalari Kovilakom…

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Destination Guidebook to an Ideal Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Kerala

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There is a recorded trend in changing priorities of the human race. People are becoming more health-focused. With changing health preferences, Yoga and Meditation tours are on the rise. The definition of the holiday seems to be transforming from normal vacations to getaways in scenic locations full of right eating, exercise, and everything to make the person feel good inside-out. When considering retreat programs, the destination of Kerala is surely unmissable. Enjoy a yoga vacation along the lazy backwaters, coconut filled landscapes, clean sparkling beaches, and feel rejuvenated. Here’s a…

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Four Exclusive Reasons to Plan a Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Kerala

Yoga and Meditation

The soul usually knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. The oldest science of yoga and meditation are the effective tools for tranquilizing the mind, connecting the body, intellect, and spirit, and fostering the emotions of kindness. Delving into the practice of yoga and meditation draws our attention towards the body’s sensations and messages, making us more cognizant of the human embodiment. Gradually, we develop a deeper awareness of each message received, in every moment, from every body part. If you feel the urge to…

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How to Plan and Book a Yoga Retreat in India

India has been your mind for yoga since long? It’s legit. Where else can you explore yoga heritage, culture, and peace as extensively as in India? The five-thousand-year-old holistic discipline of mind-body training to reach higher consciousness has germinated in this very land, among the hearts and minds of ancient people and amid a splendidly mind-boggling diversity in nature. What’s more, a quality yoga vacation in India’s hinterlands is cheap as they come. Here are all relevant questions answered for your tryst with yoga in India- How to Book Them?…

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The Splendid Rewards of Attending Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala

Kerala is an obvious destination on the map for those in search of the tranquil. Here in “God’s own land” where nature’s sublime beauty meets an ancient tradition of soul purification and healing, good vibes run strong. Ayurveda, the science of life derives its medicinal dictums from Atharva Veda and propagates nourishment and holistic healing through naturopathic treatment, herbal spas, organic medicine, dietary checks, and yogic breathing. In Kerala, the tradition is alive in local life and presents innumerable opportunities to learn, receive, and practice under guidance from the very…

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