Three Do and Don’ts When On a Yoga Retreat in Kerala

We live in a time and age where our lives are stressful and competition is sickening. Several working professionals and other individuals yearn for a long vacation to relax, revive, and start a fresh life. Planning a yoga vacation in Kerala amidst the natural environs and shimmering backwaters is certainly on the itinerary of many who are looking to rejuvenate, heal, and feel stress-free. Yoga holidays in Kerala offer the opportunity to unwind and correct the imbalances of the body and spirit in the most comprehensive manner. And to ensure…

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Four Exclusive Reasons to Plan a Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Kerala

Yoga and Meditation

The soul usually knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. The oldest science of yoga and meditation are the effective tools for tranquilizing the mind, connecting the body, intellect, and spirit, and fostering the emotions of kindness. Delving into the practice of yoga and meditation draws our attention towards the body’s sensations and messages, making us more cognizant of the human embodiment. Gradually, we develop a deeper awareness of each message received, in every moment, from every body part. If you feel the urge to…

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