Four Exclusive Reasons to Plan a Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Kerala

Yoga and Meditation

The soul usually knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. The oldest science of yoga and meditation are the effective tools for tranquilizing the mind, connecting the body, intellect, and spirit, and fostering the emotions of kindness. Delving into the practice of yoga and meditation draws our attention towards the body’s sensations and messages, making us more cognizant of the human embodiment. Gradually, we develop a deeper awareness of each message received, in every moment, from every body part. If you feel the urge to…

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Yoga Retreats You Can Actually Afford In 2018

A vacation is the best, a yoga retreat is surprisingly better. A yoga retreat is an ideal way of holidaying while keeping healthy and calm. It helps you to explore and discover the inner-self. It deeply relaxes, rejuvenates, and renders a blissful experience. But Sometimes we keep ourselves deprived of experiencing the amazing journey to the ‘self’. But not this year, here are some wonderful yoga retreats you can actually afford in 2018. So be ready to experience a soulful escape with these amazing and affordable yoga getaways:   Spiritual…

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Guide to a Unique Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Kerala

Whenever we venture into the mood for a rejuvenating vacation, a number of factors come into play. Where to go? What kind of package to book? What kind of activities to indulge in? If you aspire to a truly revitalizing vacation that can pamper your mind, body, and soul then there could be nothing more ideal than a yoga and meditation retreat.

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