Top 10 Things to Do In Kerala

kerala tour

Some places on earth are so beautiful that you would never want to leave once you arrive. Kerala- ‘God’s own country’, at the edge of the South seas in India is one such destination where nature’s beauty overflows and the heart finds much-sought solace, and people pleasure. To be at a loss about what to do in Kerala – a place so wonderful is the worst. So sort your plans right now with this top ten list here:   Yoga Love and Surf on the Beach The province boasts of a…

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Top 5 Delicious Foods in Kerala

Foods in Kerala

The word exotic comes to our mind when we hear or talk about Kerala. The Southern state of India that rests on the Malabar Coast is known for its palm-lined beaches, wildlife, backwaters, and of course, yoga schools and retreat centers. Kerala is a highly-flourished and prosperous state of India, with a diverse nature terrain and a bounty of natural healing reserves due to which it is also known as the land of Ayurveda. With natural endowments and a unique culture blended in Vedic traditions, Kerala is truly a God’s…

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