The Splendid Rewards of Attending Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala

Kerala is an obvious destination on the map for those in search of the tranquil. Here in “God’s own land” where nature’s sublime beauty meets an ancient tradition of soul purification and healing, good vibes run strong.

Ayurveda, the science of life derives its medicinal dictums from Atharva Veda and propagates nourishment and holistic healing through naturopathic treatment, herbal spas, organic medicine, dietary checks, and yogic breathing. In Kerala, the tradition is alive in local life and presents innumerable opportunities to learn, receive, and practice under guidance from the very masters of the art.

To go retreating in Kerala with yoga and Ayurveda can mean an absolutely life-changing experience and here is how—

Turning Up Fresh and Happy After Core Detox

For most people, it’s hard to keep consumption and daily practices in check, amounting to a great accumulation of toxins. This calls for a break to cleanse and come out fresh and feeling happy at least once in a long while.

The signs of toxin overload can manifest in a number of ways—chronic pain, fatigue, unhealthy weight gain or loss, bad skin, and so on. If you have finally caught a break for some soul holiday time, why not utilize it to reclaim your health with a Yoga Ayurveda retreat in Kerala’s pristine hinterlands? Here you can soak in panchakarma, the five-fold inner cleanse technique, or opt for a herbal hot oil head bath with Shirodhara or simply get a detox food treatment with daily doses of delectable Ayurvedic food.

Indulgence in Aromatic Spas

Aromatic Spas

Aromatherapy is the technique of using essential oils therapeutically, used widely in the Ayurvedic context. During Yoga Ayurveda vacation in Kerala with in-house spa facility, you can knock yourself out in aromas wild and varied.

Ayurvedically recognizes immense pool of goodness in plant extracts and use aromatic herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, and barks in its medicine. Ayurvedic essential oils ensure antioxidant, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. When used in medicines, spas, and massages, these render no side effects.

Refreshing with Herbal Oil Massage

Herbal Oil Massage

Kerala Ayurveda introduces a technique of massage that is different from the common ilk. Ayurveda is focused upon restoring dosha or biochemical balance in bodies and implements marma or pressure point massage technique to do the same. In Ayurvedic massage therapy in Kerala, you will be advised to use particular oils that suit your dosha conditions.

Abhyanga-Garshana- a process of skin brushing and subsequent oil swathed massage is something amazing to look forward to, as is the Udwarthanam- a massage for slimming that uses powders and plant extracts, made to be absorbed internally with marma point rubdowns.

Knowing Indian Spices and Ayurvedic Soul Food

Indian Spices

Ever wondered where the eternal joyfulness and fervor for life even in the worst of materialistic conditions come in the Indian way of life? It is probably the enriching soul food, full of all tastes, spices, and love available under the sun! And what better a place on earth that Kerala to explore spices, because the gardens of zests in the Nilgiris are so close!

A retreat in Kerala will open the gates to the grand food fare of Indian cuisines, in which Ayurvedic healing and balancing qualities are inherent. From the tasty and amazingly spice crafted khichdi to the indulgent ghee or clarified butter full of healing qualities, the Ayurvedic kitchen has some great stuff in store which you can acquaint with on your Yoga-Ayurveda journey in Kerala.

Gaining a Lesson in Food Values

Yogic Cuisine

Besides rejoicing in the daily servings of delectable food and herbal fusing drinks, you will be treated to grand cooking classes at the retreat center too. What an amazing lesson in food and goodness to take home too—easy snack recipes, diet routine for specific illnesses, dosha-specific food, and much else will be handed out to you by experienced Ayurvedic chefs from the house with a lively demonstration!

Feel Good Yoga

Ayurveda and yoga are related complimentarily. So, if you are engaging actively in one discipline, it would just double up the benefits to engage with the other. At a retreat like this, you are going to find the best teachers motivating you to sweat it out and go soul searching with yoga as your biochemical body detox and gains strength. Also, along comes meditation and pranayama to anchor the mind.

Imagine the bliss of looking over the blue hills of Kerala as you delve deeper into your consciousness and develop a sweeter connection with life through yoga!

Winning a Bunch of Amazing Souls for Friends!

And, like a cherry on top, there is going to be a bunch of amazing souls accompanying you on your journey in the retreat—the seekers, the free souls, the travelers of the road less taken. What a thrill it is going to be, to become a part of such a community!

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