How to Plan and Book a Yoga Retreat in India

India has been your mind for yoga since long? It’s legit. Where else can you explore yoga heritage, culture, and peace as extensively as in India? The five-thousand-year-old holistic discipline of mind-body training to reach higher consciousness has germinated in this very land, among the hearts and minds of ancient people and amid a splendidly mind-boggling diversity in nature. What’s more, a quality yoga vacation in India’s hinterlands is cheap as they come.

Here are all relevant questions answered for your tryst with yoga in India-

How to Book Them?

The sweetest picks among yoga retreat in India can be found clicks away at widely sought listing sites like Book Yoga Retreats. You need to book seats with advanced payments which are mostly not-refundable but you can avail a place once reserved at another time in future if there’s a cancellation.

Browse for one to more weeks of retreats and month-long yoga and healing health course packages to hit the best matches.  You can make arrangements more affordable on a twin-sharing accommodation. The best of the lot have a ready kitchen for Vegans, so you needn’t worry about that.

If you have come a few years down the line with yoga experience, there’s  a great option for booking scholarship yoga courses in India too!

What Season to Go?

Yoga is an ingredient of the Indian culture at large, so you can find popular places to retreat pretty much at any corner of the country, depending upon which particular seasons to go can be advisable. If you are looking up North in the ‘world yoga capital’ Rishikesh, the summers and monsoons are awesome while winters could be desolate and harsher. Down South, at a yoga retreat in Kerala, it’s temperate throughout the year and any season can be exhilarating for the beach-loving yoga folks.

What’s on the Menu beside Yoga?

A lot actually! The Himalayan foothill towns of Rishikesh or Dharamshala can be opportune for yoga people who also have a trekking wish-list. The blue mountains are close and you can set off on a trek of a lifetime any time before or after your yoga course with your yoga mat on tow. Retreat programs in the Himalayas themselves have explorations following nature trails in the weekend curriculum list.

Exploiting yoga places of Kerala bring in a different side of the curriculum which can prove tremendously complimentary for the yogis.  Ayurveda—the ancient science of naturopathic healing has its foundation in Kerala. Eclectic Ayurvedic places to rejuvenate with spa and cleanse with herbal elixir can be advantageous for the yogic-minded. Kerala is THE place for Ayurvedic retreats in India, you just can’t miss!

Also, there is Kalaripayattu- the infamous and most ancient martial-art originating in Kerala that’s taught in pairing with yoga. The values of combative prowess and yogic rigor are much the same according to the Vedic holistic core value of India that you will be fascinated to know!

Are All-Inclusive Yoga Packages Okay?


You get accommodation suitable for your practice, nutritious and kosher food 3 meals a day to get you through the rigors, and a community-living atmosphere to find like-minded friends.

Visa Requirements?

Applying for a visa is recommended one month prior to your journey. You can write to the school of your choice for details in the visa form.

Where Can this Journey Take Me Next?

The benefits of yoga retreat in India is firstly gaining a spiritual perspective which is much often lost in the yoga of the West.

Also, if you are looking to start a career in yoga teaching, your time in the very birth land of the art can give you new brownie points!

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