5 Questions about Choosing Yoga and Ayurveda Training School in Kerala


Zeroing in on Kerala as your next big spiritual destination? To make an informed choice from the stellar assemblages of spiritual retreat programs the province hosts, you need to be sure about certain deciding factors. Or, there is a huge chance you might hit the wrong retreat and get to make regrettably little of this land of diverse allures for the soul. Ask yourself the five following questions to shortlist the best of yoga training in Kerala suitable for you- Are You Up for a Month or Less? Let’s admit…

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Top 5 Ayurveda Training Schools in Kerala

Ayurveda is the science of life, revered in India from the time of the ancients. Entirely operative on self-heal potentials and naturopathic elixirs, Ayurveda is as different in approach as it could be from the invasive, side-effects ridden ways of modern medicine. Though many medical doctors today prescribe following Ayurvedic remedy in addition to the allopathic cure in beating chronic diseases like diabetes, Ayurveda can be trusted for success without any other supplementation too.  However, you need to have a well-rounded knowledge of the diagnosis based upon dosha, nutriments and…

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5 Amazing Things You Can’t Miss at a Yoga Training Package and School in Kerala

Mellow with a soul-hankering for sun, surf, and sea? Sail to the tip of India’s southern tropical coastline in Kerala. A coastal temperate year round, the sea dancing to a sweet sun, and lots of great yoga places to sign in for an amazing Yoga Teacher Training. Home to a thousand-year-old culture of holistic health, happiness, and spirituality, Kerala has long been a magnet for yoga lovers and seekers from the world over. Besides the legacy of yoga of the roots, Kerala is famous for Ayurveda. A sister science to…

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