History of Kathakali – Culture of Kerala


Kathakali is a significant genre in the canon of Indian classical dance form and specific to the rich culture of the Kerala province. Sharing traits with other classical dance forms of India, Kathakali showcases superb footwork, expressive gestures of the face and hands, brought to complementation with music, rhythm, and vocal recitals. What stands out this dance form from the rest is its unique use of face masks. The vividly done facial makeup, the robust costume, and stern gestures of the hands and faces in Kathakali reflect the tradition of…

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Top 5 Delicious Foods in Kerala

Foods in Kerala

The word exotic comes to our mind when we hear or talk about Kerala. The Southern state of India that rests on the Malabar Coast is known for its palm-lined beaches, wildlife, backwaters, and of course, yoga schools and retreat centers. Kerala is a highly-flourished and prosperous state of India, with a diverse nature terrain and a bounty of natural healing reserves due to which it is also known as the land of Ayurveda. With natural endowments and a unique culture blended in Vedic traditions, Kerala is truly a God’s…

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5 Things worth Knowing about the Ayurvedic Culture of Kerala


Ayurveda is the ancient-most healing practice that originated in the land of Vedic wisdom, in India. The system is firmly rooted in a holistic vision of life and wellness and shares the principles same to that of yoga, flourishing most prominently in the gorgeous southern coastal province of Kerala where the legacy of Yoga-Ayurveda has been continuing since centuries. In the glistening embrace of the Arabian Sea, lush with green lowland forests full of exotic herbs and spices, and overrun sea inlets or backwater ecosystem, Kerala is a land of…

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