Ayurveda Tips to Improve Digestion

Ayurveda Tips to Improve Digestion

Upset and over-the-edge with a recurring digestion drama? Rest assured, because Ayurveda has some basic, easy-to-follow lifestyle tips to reignite your digestive fire gone astray!

 As expected of a holistic health regime, it begins with instituting mindfulness in eating and exercise and goes on to prescribe herbal-sourced elixirs for specific conditions of digestive disorders.

Mindfulness and Exercise Remain Imperative

First steps first-

  • Become aware of what you eat and when you eat when entailing Ayurveda Digestion
  • Recognize binge eating as unhealthy and gain control over ‘emotional eating’ or the habit of responding to negative emotions with unchecked consumption.
  • Get involved in shopping for food and its preparation. Keep a rough count of calorie intake, balanced nutrition, roughage, and hydrants in your diet.
  • Consciously cut down on canned things with preservatives, deli, and street food.
  • Now, make sure you get sufficient physical exercise with yoga to compliment this healthy drive.

Next, know your ayurvedic medicine for digestion problem-


Aloe for Laxative Support


Aloe is a power ingredient packed full of benefits for interrelated digestion and dermatological health. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and folic acid, this green wonder is invaluable for a daily dose of health. Squeeze in a dollop of aloe juice in your summer smoothies and dehydration-caused constipation- typical of this season can be kept at bay.

On the days of scorching summer heat, prepare yourself an aloe salad with tomatoes, mint leaves, and dashes of garlic, as a side for lunch to balance your diet with season-appropriate, necessary hydration. This will also keep things moving in your stomach and no congestion. Taking a pint of aloe juice in the morning can further help you clear bowel and have you feeling refreshed instantly!

Turmeric for Anti-inflammation


Ulcers in the digestive tract are results of a bacterial onslaught and wounds from extra acid in the system. Recurring stomach pain, unease after eating, burning and bloating sensations associate this corrosive syndrome and a steady course of anti-inflammatory tablets only make it worse.

Turmeric- widely used in Indian curries has amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for embalming such internal lesions and ulcers. If you are not acquainted with turmeric-involved recipes, use its paste in your milkshake. There is a dull alkaline taste to it which could be regulated to taste with salt or syrup. Besides curing internal ulcers, turmeric works great for invigorating the gallbladder producing bile and thus regulates digestive disorders.

Colon Health with Triphala


Triphala ayurvedic medicine has three fruit extracts and is a well-known cure for ill-digestive health. By restoring regular bowel movement with intake of Triphala powder nightly, mixed with warm milk, you can synergistically detox other systems of your body too.

Licorice to Soothe Colic Pain

licorice root tea

The sweet-tasting licorice candy you loved as a kid can make a comeback in your diet if constipation and congested bowel is a regular symptom you have to battle. Even better will be the effects if you take licorice root tea.

You can find the above-listed ingredients in food and drinks at retreats by holistic healing services in Kerala where you can spend a few days, just detoxing and channeling out negativities from your body-mind.

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