6 Ayurveda Tips for Deep Sleep and Relaxation

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Has Sleep been eluding you for as long as you could remember? Don’t make it worse with a barrage of pill-popping every now and then. While chemical drug dependence can unleash in you many terrible side-effects rendering you extremely irritable, on the other hand, we have the botanical healing science of Ayurveda emerging from the trove of ancient Indic traditions of wisdom showing how with just a few lifestyle modifications you can change the face of your sleep trouble.

According to Ayurveda, Vata-vitiation in the body-mind escalates taking the form of insomniac sleep deprivation and can be controlled following the tips below—

Rise at Dawn

Ayurveda postulates the benefits of rising close to the Brahmamuhurta– an hour before the first rays of the day for a great shift of energy filling up space you must make yourself receptive to.

Rising and starting one’s day close to this hour also means a restoration of vital equilibrium in the mind-body, leading you better for sleep on time in the night.

Let Go of the Caffeine

Insomnia treatment in Ayurveda prohibits caffeine highs and the lifestyle of unwholesome burning out of energies that come with it. So chuck those lattes you love so much brought to your work desk, packed full of caffeine and sugar and help yourself with some citrus-infused green tea instead. Not to overlook the fact that sugar too contributes to overstimulation.

Slumber Time Teas and Other Drinks

There are amazing herbs of insomnia in the Ayurvedic basket to make nice and warm fusion drinks with just before bed. Bring up a soothing warm cuppa of organic cow milk and infuse it with nutmeg powder that’s rich with myristicin-effective for bringing calm in the nervous system.

Alternatively, for the want of something lighter, you can make yourself some pre-bed fragrant chamomile tea. You can also scour the market for Organic Vata Tea for a more potent infusion. No way you won’t be sleeping like a baby after all this pampering!

Stress Freeing Massage before Bed

Abhyanga massage is good for many, bringing on several mind-body benefits and calmed nerves for good sleep is only one of them. A massage of the head in the Abhyanga style with warm oils is a feat you can administer all on your own. When you feel like it, extend the massage area to your heart and just let the oil soak through, followed by a warm shower.

Choose your pick of essential oil (sesame oil is a good oil!) and get started. However, there is one catch to this one of the best ayurvedic remedies for insomnia —ladies, you are unadvised for abhyanga on nights of menstruation.

Stay On an Active Routine and Hit the Sack Before Pitta-time

The Ayurvedic concept of energy cycle shows how the fiery Pitta element kicks in at night when it is best utilized for good metabolism by sleeping it off. To keep in balance with the natural rhythm, you must sleep closer to 10 am and wake at about 6 am in the morning.

In any case, a routine built with Ayurveda sleep aid demands you go to bed before pitta time. Try doing it for a few days!

Culture Gratitude

Besides taking these home remedies for good sleep, also try the meditation of practicing gratitude as you lie in bed and find yourself awake at an ungodly hour.

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