5 Ways to Practice Wellness on the Road

How can wellness be your first priority after you have hit the road and just having to make do with whatever is available in food, accommodation, and comfort? That’s the question most hardcore travel lovers get a tough time resolving. An entrenched routine of wellness can be expected in the predictable boundaries of home—a great many options for healthy food, yoga or gym to keep fit every day, and sanitary habits followed by the book, but it all comes face to face with a big question mark when thrown into the life on the road.

But you know what; we will be fooling ourselves to opt out of wellness using the excuse of the road life. There is nothing you can’t do with some confidence and a little more of mindful engagement to your situation.

Here are some tips to keep alive your model wellness habits during travels too, no matter how far away and how wild!

Don’t Let the Effort Dip

Stay strong in your efforts no matter where you are and remain true to what you think is right for you. Enjoy to your fullest as the travel warms up and gets fun, but this does not necessarily have to mean you got to compromise with your daily yoga hours or have to get dead drunk and hit the sack late. Remember, balance is the key and you have got to put in a little bit extra to keep it up.

Carry your yoga mat wherever you go and don’t be shy to Google for health food stores. That is the way to be in the pink and absolutely own your travels!

Not to Break the Routine

Remember, holding on to a great shape and a clean psychic health does not happen through a crash routine of a couple of odd weeks. If you have hard earned a strong body-mind form, respect the effort and discipline in its making and be careful not to blow it off during your days out. Whether you are going to deep sea surf in Australia or choosing a yoga retreat in India over any adventure options, don’t rely on external things to shape you into a routine. Be aware of what is good for your wellness and hold your own health routine.

Search Out Wellness Retreats

There is no reason why a travel enthusiast cannot go on a pure and prolific wellness program like yoga. The best of both pursuits can meet and be great fun in something like a wellness retreat yoga vacation in India if you are choosing your place right. Yoga schools in the curious Himalayan foothill town of Rishikesh or the seaside haunt of Kerala in southern India have plenty of yoga courses and retreat programs integrating lessons from the masters and trips in the vicinity. With a day or a week added to your retreat dates, you can make the best of such a location.

Eat in Measured Bites

Why is that we expect to get in shipshape form with an exciting trip coming up but come home indulgently chubbier than before? This time, don’t let your travel time whims and binging spirits get you in the wrong kind of food in abundance. Choose your meals right and whatever delicacies you discover on the way, keep the consumption to the very balanced minimum.

Carry Your Meditation

You know your drug (not literally!). Is it music, chanting beads, a sketch pad, or a coloring book, or knitting? Whatever gets you in a composed, meditative state of mind, carry it as you make your travels.

Between the point of beginning and the destination, delve deeper into your ‘Self’. Find peace within.

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