5 Things worth Knowing about the Ayurvedic Culture of Kerala


Ayurveda is the ancient-most healing practice that originated in the land of Vedic wisdom, in India. The system is firmly rooted in a holistic vision of life and wellness and shares the principles same to that of yoga, flourishing most prominently in the gorgeous southern coastal province of Kerala where the legacy of Yoga-Ayurveda has been continuing since centuries.

In the glistening embrace of the Arabian Sea, lush with green lowland forests full of exotic herbs and spices, and overrun sea inlets or backwater ecosystem, Kerala is a land of natural abundance. No wonder, these pristine stretches have magnetized seekers from all walks, and here is where the culture of Yoga-Ayurveda has retained its traditions in the mainstream. Visit to this land of Ayurvedic origination will become imperative for those who are truly pursuing to decode the key to ultimate, natural wellness.

Here is why—

The Ashtavaidyan

While an institution as ancient and organically evolving as Ayurveda is open to innumerable interpretations and ways of incorporation, Kerala remains witness to an unbroken chain of traditions. The vaidyas or Ayurvedic doctors of the Kerala school are well versed in Sanskrit- the ancient, near-extinct language of its scriptures, and internalize the traditional values of the system over the generations.

Kerala is home to the Ashtavaidyan- the teachers who have mastered the eight facets of Ayurvedic knowledge. Only here, tradition is fore-grounded and the unfailing prescriptions of Ayurveda executed with all the nuances.

Healing in Nature’s Lap

In Ayurveda, health is not sought through quick fixes or invasive techniques involving surgeries or side-effect ridden drug dependence, but by establishing a connectedness within the self and with nature. To be at a place as lavishly gifted by nature as Kerala works as conducive to the practice of Ayurveda.

Waking up to tranquil sunrises in the sea, outdoor yoga sometimes in the hum and din of the fun-filled beach life, and sometimes in the blissful silence of the green pastures, soaking in the aromatic loveliness of naturopathic spa, or roaming the colorful local bazaars full of novelties—Kerala really makes you fall in love.

Integrative Yoga-Ayurveda Courses

If you happen to catch a month-long break from life a la conventional and plan to spend the time well learning something that matters, come attend something comprehensive in Kerala. Yoga and Ayurveda are taught in valuable certified courses here as an amalgamated subject. Find a lasting core of Yoga and Ayurveda that will help you remain in the pink of your health wherever you go and whatever you do, which increases awareness to healthy means and sustenance.

Abhyanga Massage

This unique massage of Kerala Ayurveda is immensely beneficial in ridding one from skin impurities, invigorates internal cleanse, and provides stress relief. Abhyanga involves long hours of two or one therapist routine with abundant oil, sometimes enriched with herbs. The massage works like a wonder on tense and rigid parts of the musculoskeletal structure, fires up endocrine functionality, and brings about a thorough cleansing of the internal system, thus eradicating many diseases building up.

Ayurvedic Cooking and Nilgiri Spices

The fabled beauty of the Nilgiri hills of Kerala can be a balm for the tired souls. Besides, this locale is the hotbed of Indian spices typical to Ayurvedic cooking. After gaining a wide spectrum of knowledge about Ayurvedic food values and what they might mean for individual doshas, or biochemical constitutions, you can come shop for the freshest of Nilgiri spices in the Kerala spice bazaars!

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