5 Questions about Choosing Yoga and Ayurveda Training School in Kerala


Zeroing in on Kerala as your next big spiritual destination? To make an informed choice from the stellar assemblages of spiritual retreat programs the province hosts, you need to be sure about certain deciding factors. Or, there is a huge chance you might hit the wrong retreat and get to make regrettably little of this land of diverse allures for the soul.

Ask yourself the five following questions to shortlist the best of yoga training in Kerala suitable for you-

Are You Up for a Month or Less?

Let’s admit it, freedom is a myth in modern life scenario. Especially, the freedom of time. You need to be out of work, and a renunciate, recluse to sign up for an indefinite period of a yoga retreat. If that’s not the case, better do the math and find out how long can you afford to tune out of life a-la-conventional and soak in the sweet life of Kerala.

Think financially, think commitments back home, think fitness and personal temperament-wise. Don’t make the retreat an excuse for escaping your vital duties or splurging just for the sake of splurging. Don’t bite more than you can chew by taking a course continuing for months on end.

There are suitable week-long retreats doling out yoga lessons at a slow pace and month or 2-month long intensive yoga programs happening at the best Kerala schools. Pick wisely!

Is Detoxification On Your Cards?

Detoxifying is something all of us plan to do but fail in the mayhem of busy, ill-organized lives. Attending intensive yoga teacher training in Kerala will give you the perfect opportunity to purify inside-out with expertly-administered Ayurvedic food, a scenic, and pleasurable ambience to tune you mentally to good thoughts, and yoga to get fit and fabulous physically.

There is exclusivity to Kerala for Ayurvedic detox since it is the very birthplace and a hotbed of developments in that area.

Power Routine or Restorative?

The highly-dynamic Ashtanga YTT should be your choice if a hot and clammy yoga routine is on your mind, something challenging to the bones!

You are also welcome to opt for Kalaripayattu training in integration with yoga in Kerala. Kalaripayattu is a fierce form of martial art, as ancient and holistically charged as yoga and proverbially challenging too.

Do You See Yourself Teaching Yoga?

Can you imagine dedicating the better portion of your time and energy going across the globe offering yoga lessons, making a contribution to the holistic wellness drive by perpetuating the spiritual message of yoga?

If teaching yoga one day is something you look forward to, a YTT could only be the beginning of it. Complementary courses in ‘yoga adjustment-alignment’ etc., are also part of Kerala’s programs which you must check out.

What Kind of Instructors Really Speak to You?

The contrast between traditionally inclined teachers and non-traditional teachers of modern stylized yoga is stark in this area. You would find more emphasis on pranayama and the ingraining of yogic philosophy in the traditional teaching while the newfangled coverage would be all about flexibility, weight loss, and other externalities.

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