5 Amazing Things You Can’t Miss at a Yoga Training Package and School in Kerala

Mellow with a soul-hankering for sun, surf, and sea? Sail to the tip of India’s southern tropical coastline in Kerala. A coastal temperate year round, the sea dancing to a sweet sun, and lots of great yoga places to sign in for an amazing Yoga Teacher Training.

Home to a thousand-year-old culture of holistic health, happiness, and spirituality, Kerala has long been a magnet for yoga lovers and seekers from the world over. Besides the legacy of yoga of the roots, Kerala is famous for Ayurveda. A sister science to yoga, this branch of ancient medicine is now gaining global status as an alternate therapy system effective for the cure of many chronic diseases and works as rejuvenation for the fatigued, toxin-entrenched body-minds as well. A standard yoga teacher training in Kerala will customarily have treatments, herbal massage, and sauna at in-house Ayurvedic parlors, and portions included in the course-work regarding food, culinary, and health guidelines according to Ayurveda.

The interesting local and cultural milieu of Yoga, Ayurveda, and coastal delights make Kerala compulsory for the seeking soul, and here is to list activities you just can’t miss when you are here in God’s own land—

Immersing in Yoga by the Sea

You couldn’t have been in love enough with the sea until coming here in Kerala. You can spend long, long days dripping in oodles of bliss in the remote beaches, just looking at the horizons of calm blue. Come to the Southern fringe, and you will be welcomed with red cliffs surrounding the seaside sandy stretches as in the Papanasam beach of Varkala. To delve into yoga at a place so picturesque, won’t it be just divine?

There are always chill organic cafes, shacks serving local food on a banana leaf, and a quaint little-hidden gem of places to hang out at nearby. You can find yourself a surfing shop or go snorkeling in the deep sea for adrenalin, or simply wait for the sunset sky to let a trance set in.

Outdoor yoga is going to be the best thing about your YTTC Kerala that you can’t deny!

Absorbing Ayurveda Goodness

Whether you are fatigued from the toils of day to day, or there’s a chronic illness eating up from inside, the greatest elixir is found only in nature. Ayurveda is a holistic healing science derived out of nature. There is no implementation of chemical drugs or invasive methods applied in this therapy. Simply through nourishing one’s inner energies with hundred percent natural aroma spa, vivifying massage applied with herbal tonics and plant decoctions and correcting dietary and lifestyle habits, Ayurveda can restore lost health in a person.

Kerala Ayurveda, the one true authentic institution of this globally-recognized alternative healing system is introduced in its element at yoga retreats in Kerala. Infiniti of holistic health benefits can be attained with the knowledge of food value, the dosha system, and biochemical qualities according to Ayurveda. In addition to comprehensive classes on these topics, you can enjoy yourself at in-house spas, and have fun at Ayurvedic cooking classes on your retreat. On your off-days, check out the local spice market to take home a trove of exotic Indian spices and condiments.

Pleasuring the Taste Buds with Spicy Food

Foodies are absolutely going to love the scrumptious platters of Kerala! Full of spice and flavor, there is such delicacy to be found even in the simplest of vegetarian dishes in this part of the world. And, while India has got nothing on a yogi who loves to eat, you would be doing better to go all-out vegetarian on your yogic journey to reclaim health and to benefit spiritually.

At a month of Ayurveda training in Kerala from schools of reputation, you will be in for cardamom-clove-cinnamon-curry leaf sprinkled three yogic meals a day, quality herbal fusion tea and other rejuvenating drinks, and lots of tasty side platters to die for.

Come join and get in the pink of your health!

Losing Yourself to Divine in the Temple-town

If you are choosing YTT at a place as ancient as Varkala, Kerala, there is going to be a trove of archeological treasures to explore in the temple town. It is a fascinating experience for a yogi to discover the Divine manifesting in so many forms as in the Hindu pantheon, decode their symbology, and find new dimensions to one’s spiritual journey. The Bhakti Marga or Path of Devotion is one of the prime facets of the Yoga philosophy, which you will get to explore in detail here in the temples of Varkala.

Strengthening Up with Kalaripayattu

Did you know, the origin of world martial art is in Vedic India, founded many thousand years ago? Kalaripayattu– a deadly combat style has been practiced in Kerala, complimenting the same idea of holistic development as it is in yoga. Using nothing more than your body and inner spirit, you can snub even the most lethal of your enemies.

Become a fierce warrior of the mind as you will be in your body!

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